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EBEC is an engineering competition organized by BEST in every european country and in more than 90 universities. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, apply your skills and have fun.

Now we are organizing local part of the EBEC which is EBEC Milan. The competition is held between teams of 4 persons that must be students of the Engineering faculty at Politecnico di Milano. Teams must resolve puzzling problem in a limited amount of time.

Date of the event: 10 and 17 March

Additional Learning Activities: 9 March

Modality: Online ( Google meetings + Zoom )

It consists of 3 rounds

Politecnico di Milano
10 and 17 March 2021

Università’ degli Studi di Messina
May 2021

Madrid Carlos III University
July 2021

9 March – Seminar

Throughout history, people always went through the same steps in search of innovation. Each company has its own name for this process, but after studying innovation in corporate giants (such as Microsoft, Sony, Lego, etc.) “Double Diamond” model has appeared: a simple technique that helps to stimulate and manage your creativity in order to crack any challenge. If you want to become the best in delivering relevant and brilliant results – this seminar is totally worth your attention.


10 March – Case Study

Think outside the box !

Case study is theoretical part of the EBEC.
Your goal is to provide us with creative and realistic solution. By the end of the event you must create a presentation and report that describes your idea.
You will learn critical thinkingteam working and presentational skills. Learning activities are organized before the event to help you !


17 March – Team Design

Bring your ideas to life !

Team design is practical part of the EBEC.
Your goal is to build a prototype from limited materials. Your invention must satisfy certain requirements such as functionality, design and resistance and it must be able to do certain tasks.
You will apply your knowledge in real life and improve your designing skills


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What’s the point?

Our main goal is to develop students. EBEC is a unique experience that allows you to apply what you studied in real life. The skills you will acquire are appreciated by top leading companies. At the end of the event, participants from winning teams ( one team per each part ) will be awarded and will compete in the national round. Awards are supplied by our partners.


  • Who can participate ?

    In EBEC can participate all engineering students that are regularly enrolled in one of the courses at Politecnico di Milano. Exception made for members of BEST and relatives of Jury

  • How much does it cost ?

    Participation is free. Materials for Team Design are also purchased by us. The only money you asked to pay is caution payment that will be returned to you.

  • How will team design take place this year ?

    We will send project materials to the captain of your team that will assemble the prototype at home. The captain of the team must be located in Lombardy ( more details in registration form ). With permission of local authorities it will be possible for the team to gather at one place and work on project. Members must turn on their camera and show their working process. Separate Zoom room will be attributed to each team.

  • How long does it last ?

    Case Study and Team Design last 6 hours each. Additional learning activities will be organized a couple days before the event in time free from the lessons. For more information check our schedule

  • Can the same team win both Case Study and Team Design ?

    No. Even though same team can participate in both parts it cannot win Case Study and Team Design at the same time.

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Initiative realized with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano