Team Design EBEC 2021

Initiative realised with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano

Join the EBEC Team Design!

Get your hands on the biggest engineering competition in Europe! In Team Design, you can challenge other Politecnico students not only by demonstrating your creativity, but also by using your problem-solving skills and manual dexterity.

Teams of four students each will have to create a prototype with the materials provided to achieve the best performance in a special challenge and will then be judged by Politecnico professors and partner company managers.

Don’t hesitate to take part, whatever your study path or whether you have a team or not. You may be assigned to a group of other students.

The winners will receive fantastic prizes and the opportunity to attend the Italian and European editions of EBEC where the challenge and prizes will only get more intriguing.

The event will be held on 22 November at the Politecnico in Bovisa. Every member of the team must subscribe independently. A deposit of €10 is required to register and will be returned at the end of the event. Lunch will be offered by BEST!

Scroll to the end of the page for the registration form!

We reached the maximum number of applications for this event

You can still register for the Case Study at the following link: click here

Keep in mind that this is an initiative realized in cooperation with Reply whereby you can test yourself solving a realistic problem. No specific knowledge is required.


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Campus Bovisa
B2.1.14 / B2.1.13


22 November 2021


The whole day


Will be returned at the end of the event

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