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Come to Amsterdam with BEST!


From Thursday, Mach 2nd to Monday, March 6th

We’ll leave on Thursday at 17:00 from Lambrate station (5 min from Campus Leonardo) by bus, and be back on Monday at 12:00 in the same spot

We'll visit:

  • The Rijksmuseum 
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • City tour on a bike
  • A’DAM lookout
  • Vondelpark
  • And more!

How much?

3 full days for 300€, that’s almost a 30% saving for the average cost of a trip to Amsterdam!

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Spend 3 full days in Amsterdam with BEST

Come and have the full Amsterdam experience with a great group of people!
We'll visit the Venice of the North from A to M! A BEST trip is a great opportunity to meet new people and go somewhere you haven't been! We do several of them every year, if you want to know all about it make sure to follow us on Instagram @best.milan

Want to know more? Here is what we'll be doing!

Amsterdam is a city full of life, and there is much to see! To try and make the BEST of our time there we’ll:

  • Visit the Rijksmuseum, and see some Rembrandt’s best work
  • Visit the Van Gogh museum, where the sunflowers and starry night skies work together for an immersive experience
  • Do both a walking ad biking tour of the city, to get to know every single corner!
  • Go to the A’DAM Lookout tower, where we’ll swing over the edge on top of the city!
  • We’ll enjoy a picnic at the Vondelpark, the Central Park of Amsterdam

Extra stuff:

  • Go to the ICE BAR, a polar experience where not only the building is made of ice but even the glasses you’ll drink from!
  • We’ll do the Heineken Experience, where we’ll learn about the legendary beer born in Amsterdam

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Extra stuff!

There is so much to do in Amsterdam, but not everything is for everyone!

Here are some extra activities you can come do with us if you wish to but are not compulsory nor included in the 300€ price.

If you wish to participate in these activities, please say so on the form and make sure to send us the payment for the trip with the extra cost.

A'DAM Lookout Tower with swing

Is seeing Amsterdam from the top not enough for you? Swing over the edge of the tower for an experience full of adrenaline!

6.00 €

Ice Bar

A chilling experience with 2 drinks included in an all-ice bar, even the glasses!

26.50 €

Heineken experience

Come with us and discover the history of the legendary beer brand born in Amsterdam

25.00 €

You can sign up for the trip now, hurry! Before we run out of places!

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