Monaco 2023

Iniziativa realizzata con il contributo del Politecnico di Milano

Come with BEST to Munich

Want to discover one of Europe’s metropolis? Scroll down to learn more!

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Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the largest natural science museums in the world. Here, exhibitions and original models illustrate how technology and the laws of nature work.
There are several attractions you can’t miss:

• Chemistry accompanies us everywhere. There are interactive thematic islands and an experimental area with a laboratory;

• Electronics has radically changed our lives. Today, electronic components can be found in almost all devices of all areas of life;

• Musical instruments make our world resound, you can become active yourself in demonstrations and explore how an organ works or the principle of electronic sound generation.


Known as Frühlingsfest in German, Springfest is Munich's other beer festival. Sometimes referred to as “Oktoberfest's Little Sister”, Springfest features the same big, strong German beers, delicious food and festive atmosphere.

BMW museum

The BMW Museum is located in a round and metallic building that represents a tire of a racing car. Inside, it shows the evolution of the company throughout history through several exhibitions.

The beer and Oktoberfest museum

The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum is a museum in Munich devoted to the history of beer and Oktoberfest. This beer museum in Munch is housed in an old building that dates from 1327.

We leave on

April 27th

From the Milano Lambrate bus station right behind the train station.

The time of departure will be around 22:00

We return on

May 1st

To the same station we left from.

Come to Munich for only


Including hotel, transport, and museums. To be paid through bank transfer of PayPal at the time of sign up.

It’s a first come first serve event, so hurry up and sign up!


We apologize but due to the failure to reach the minimum number of registrants by the Deadline, the trip has been cancelled.
As for all those already registered for the event, we will contact you shortly and the amount already paid will be refunded in full.

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